SCalc Custom Chart Shortcodes

To add a custom chart you will need to things: The shortcode and a data table from which SCalc generates the datasets and labels.

[* schart type=”line” symbol=”€” height=”300″ width=”200″ show_table=”1″ *]

Here is the place for the table. It must be a valid HTML table.

[* /schart *]

Colors can be set in the Settings panel SCalc. Same colors will used for calculators and custom charts.

The options:

type: line, bar, doughnut, pie (mandatory)
symbol: Appendix for labels and legends (i.e. $) (optional)
height: pixel or percent numeric (i.e. “100%” or “300” for 300 px) (optional)
width: same as height
thousands: , or . (defaults to “,”. If your table data contains formatted numbers you must set this according to data format)
decimals: , or . (defaults to “.”. If your table data contains formatted numbers you must set this according to data format)
show_table: “0” or “1” Display the data table or not (optional)

Be careful with width and height: Since charts are responsive, adjustment of width and / or height may lead to unwanted results.

SCalc Installation and Settings


The download archive contains to plugins: SCalc and sk-library.
You must install both within the wordpress plugin panel. Activate first sk-library and then SCalc.

If you already have installed sk-library in version 1.3 you can omit this installation.

SCalc contains an update checker so that you will be informed about plugin or library updates.

SCalc Settings

You will find a new menu in the Settings panel: SCalc. It consists of two main sections:


You can choose colors for 6 datasets that will be used in calculators or custom charts. After changing a color you will see the result in the live chart preview.

Basic Settings

At first you can add here your facebook app id. Only with this id the share buttons will appear and can work. SCalc uses the facebook javascript library to share content. Second entry is the email subject for mails that are sent when visitor clicks the email button below the charts.

Next item is the container class. You can add here a class which will be added to the most outer chart container. This will give you more control for styling.

All other settings should be self explanatory.

SCalc – Calculators and Custom Charts for Your WordPress

The next Wordpress plugin from skurrilewelt will be SCalc. It serves different interactive financial calculators and custom charts. Custom chart shortcode can turn native HTML tables into charts.

Key Features

  • Three calculators with charts and table data
  • Five custom chart types for visualizing table data
  • Export and mailing functions for all calculators
  • Facebook sharing for custom charts (facebook app id necessary)
  • Different chart types for calculators
  • Chart data table can be hidden
  • All charts are responsive
  • Multilingual with .po files
  • Many settings in admin panel

For example an investment calculator:

Investment Calculator

Total Value

$ 0.00

Total Contributions

$ 0.00

Total Interest

$ 0.00

Total Taxes

$ 0.00

Year Interest Capital Taxes Contributions End Balance

Many settings can be done in the admin panel such as currency symbol, start balance, colors for charts and more.

More information about scalc shortcode and calculators here.

Every calculator has a couple of buttons to change chart type or export chart or send chart and calculation by email.

2016-09-06 11_54_52-Skurrilewelt – Customer management – from strategic consulting to operational im

Beside the calculators you can create custom charts easily bei adding a (maybe hidden) table to your content enclosed with the schart shortcode.

More information about the schart shortcode and custom charts here.

January February March April May
Income 55 65 72 81 69
Gross 22 4 16 23 16
Tax 23.7 21.4 27.7 29.7 31.2

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Create a calculated survey which leads to a result page or post


Create a calculated survey which leads to a result page or post

Let’s imagine you want to create poll, which forwards the visitor after a specific page that corresponds to the poll results: SQuiz3 is able to solve this.
Scenario can be: You want to show visitors how healthy his diet is.

Step 1

Create new questions as multiple choice questions where the correct checkbox is unchecked – we don’t have to proof the users answer.w e will only count occurence of certain values.
So important is the field ‘Special Value’ in each answer.


You see here the special values from a to d. At the end Squiz will count occurences of these values and will redirect to the relevant page corresponding to this value. Next step will show the setup of the survey.

Step 2

Create posts (or pages) for every possible result of this survey. That means a post for majority of a, b, c and d. Additionally you need a post for results that are ambiguous. That means result has equal counts for more than two values.

Step 3

Create a survey as usual but give following additional inputs:


Set the switch ‘Calculated Survey’ to on. Save it, add your questions and the button labels:


And now the important part: Set posts or pages as target for the special values:


Now save this survey and insert the shortcode in a page or post.

The result:

How Healthy is your diet?

Please select an option
Please answer the following questions about your daily diet. We will show you at the end, how healthy it is.


Survey Sample

Squiz Survey

Please select an option
An Example for little survey to collect users impressions and experience with SQuiz.