System requirements


  • Modern html5 browser
  • Cookies enabled
  • Javascript enabled

Backend / Server

  • Client with modern browser, javascript and cookies
  • MySQL database (mandantory for wordpress also)
  • PHP 5.4 or newer
  • WordPress 4.5.x or newer (older versions maybe also ok but we offer no support for them)


  • Three item types: Quiz, Survey and Poll
  • Five question types: Single choice, multiple choice, order, cloze and free text.
  • Template engine and templates for all items. Template overloading and fallback for missing elements.
  • Randomizing questions as option per item.
  • Detailed evaluation and statistics with multiple export options.
  • Detailed quiz review for end user after completing a quiz.
  • Database time control for quizzes with time limit.
  • Internal session management to manage page reloads on all items.
  • Full visual WordPress editor for questions and answers.
  • Questions can be assigned to categories.
  • Multiple filter for questions on edit quiz pages.
  • Save deleting of quiz items and questions: SQuiz will check if questions are in use or quizzes are part of any evaluation or statistic.

The difference between quiz, survey and poll can be found mainly in the evaluation. Only quiz evaluation has the possibility to drill down to single user participation. Poll and survey  participations are only visible as aggregated data.

Another restriction with polls is that you can have only one choice question. Additionally a hashed ip is saved in an internal session for participation so that a visitor only can vote once a day. When reloading the page the result will shown up.

Basically SQuiz starts an internal session based on a client cookie if a visitor starts a quiz, survey or poll. So user must accept cookies to participate, otherwise quizzes wont work. The cookie only contains a single number – this is the id to the internal session. There is no security issue, neither for the visitors nor for the system. The session will be deleted if it has expired (one day) or if the cookie on the client is missing.

All this is necessary to save a visitors state. If he reloads the page while playing a quiz the quiz will continue exactly where it was before reloading. So he don’t lost answered questions when he unintentionally reloads the page or the browser gets stuck at any point. In case of polls this should avoid multiple participations by one visitor.

Customizing basic layout and styles is easy. You only have to override parts of a template with your own template and add a new stylesheet file. Please read more about Templates and Template Overloadiung.

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