Create a calculated survey which leads to a result page or post


Create a calculated survey which leads to a result page or post

Let’s imagine you want to create poll, which forwards the visitor after a specific page that corresponds to the poll results: SQuiz3 is able to solve this.
Scenario can be: You want to show visitors how healthy his diet is.

Step 1

Create new questions as multiple choice questions where the correct checkbox is unchecked – we don’t have to proof the users answer.w e will only count occurence of certain values.
So important is the field ‘Special Value’ in each answer.


You see here the special values from a to d. At the end Squiz will count occurences of these values and will redirect to the relevant page corresponding to this value. Next step will show the setup of the survey.

Step 2

Create posts (or pages) for every possible result of this survey. That means a post for majority of a, b, c and d. Additionally you need a post for results that are ambiguous. That means result has equal counts for more than two values.

Step 3

Create a survey as usual but give following additional inputs:


Set the switch ‘Calculated Survey’ to on. Save it, add your questions and the button labels:


And now the important part: Set posts or pages as target for the special values:


Now save this survey and insert the shortcode in a page or post.

The result:

How Healthy is your diet?

Please select an option
Please answer the following questions about your daily diet. We will show you at the end, how healthy it is.


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