Building Polls with SQuiz3

Start with New Squiz Item from the SQuiz menu.

2016-08-17 09_49_16-SQuiz Menu

The form will open and you must input the basic data. That is:

  1. a title
  2. item type and template
  3. There is only one nav button necessary: the Start Button. You should label it with ‘vote’ or something like that. ( bottom of the page )
  4. decide if you want to randomize questions or have a time limit.

Review at the end, passing score, randomize questions and time limit are obviously not suitable. Leave them off or 0.

After that you have to save the poll otherwise you cannot add the question.

Polls could have only ONE question. This question MUST be of type choice otherwise you won’t see anything.

You should have already created a question for your poll , otherwise you must do that now. You can use the same questions as for the quizzes and surveys. User votes will be aggregated in evaluation.

Add Questions

see Build Quizzes


Polls should have a overview about all votes at the end. You can use the placeholder

  • {poll participations} : Number of counted votes
  • {poll result} : The result diagramm

all others are not suitable.

2016-08-17 10_58_36-Edit SQuiz Item Poll ending

If you leave this empty, nothing will be displayed after voting.

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