Building Quizzes with SQuiz3

To start all kinds of items find the SQuiz menu on top of the WordPress menu.

2016-08-17 09_49_16-SQuiz Menu

Select New SQuiz Item. The form will open and you must input the basic data. That is:

  1. a title
  2. item type and template
  3. button labels ( bottom of the page )
  4. decide if you want to randomize questions, show review at end (only quizzes), time limit and passing score.

2016-08-17 09_53_46-Edit SQuiz Item Type and Template

After that you have to save the quiz otherwise you cannot add questions.

You should have already created some questions for your quiz, otherwise you must do that now.

Adding Questions

2016-08-10 15_03_48-Edit SQuiz Item-question_map

Questions on the left side are available, on the right already assigened to this quiz. Simply drag questions to the right to add them, click the remove button in the upper right corner to remove them from the list.

You can filter the available questions by category and type. Every update of this list will be saved dynamically by AJAX.

In case of polls you can add more than one question, but this don’t has any effect to the frontend: Only the first question will be available for the visitor.


You can add some information and text add the end. Use following placeholders to insert information:

  • {passing score} : Predefined passing score
  • {result score} : Predefined passing score
  • {correct} : Correct answered questions
  • {question count} : Overall question count
  • {question answered} : Answered questions by user
  • {time} : Time user needed to complete the quiz

2016-08-17 10_58_36-Edit SQuiz Item Quiz ending

If you leave this empty, nothing will be displayed after voting.

An optional review button will be added automatically if you check ‘Show Review’ in quiz options

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