SCalc – Calculators and Custom Charts for Your WordPress

The next Wordpress plugin from skurrilewelt will be SCalc. It serves different interactive financial calculators and custom charts. Custom chart shortcode can turn native HTML tables into charts.

Key Features

  • Three calculators with charts and table data
  • Five custom chart types for visualizing table data
  • Export and mailing functions for all calculators
  • Facebook sharing for custom charts (facebook app id necessary)
  • Different chart types for calculators
  • Chart data table can be hidden
  • All charts are responsive
  • Multilingual with .po files
  • Many settings in admin panel

For example an investment calculator:

Investment Calculator

Total Value

$ 0.00

Total Contributions

$ 0.00

Total Interest

$ 0.00

Total Taxes

$ 0.00

Year Interest Capital Taxes Contributions End Balance

Many settings can be done in the admin panel such as currency symbol, start balance, colors for charts and more.

More information about scalc shortcode and calculators here.

Every calculator has a couple of buttons to change chart type or export chart or send chart and calculation by email.

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Beside the calculators you can create custom charts easily bei adding a (maybe hidden) table to your content enclosed with the schart shortcode.

More information about the schart shortcode and custom charts here.

January February March April May
Income 55 65 72 81 69
Gross 22 4 16 23 16
Tax 23.7 21.4 27.7 29.7 31.2

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