SCalc Installation and Settings


The download archive contains to plugins: SCalc and sk-library.
You must install both within the wordpress plugin panel. Activate first sk-library and then SCalc.

If you already have installed sk-library in version 1.3 you can omit this installation.

SCalc contains an update checker so that you will be informed about plugin or library updates.

SCalc Settings

You will find a new menu in the Settings panel: SCalc. It consists of two main sections:


You can choose colors for 6 datasets that will be used in calculators or custom charts. After changing a color you will see the result in the live chart preview.

Basic Settings

At first you can add here your facebook app id. Only with this id the share buttons will appear and can work. SCalc uses the facebook javascript library to share content. Second entry is the email subject for mails that are sent when visitor clicks the email button below the charts.

Next item is the container class. You can add here a class which will be added to the most outer chart container. This will give you more control for styling.

All other settings should be self explanatory.

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