There are two shortcodes available:

  1. ([) squiz id=3(]) and
  2. ([) squiz-topten id=3 count=10 month=2 year=2016 show_user=1(])

1.) This is the basic shortcode to display all kinds of items and it takes no other arguments than the item (quiz) id. It will display the item using the predefined template.

2.) To display a list of participations use this shortcode whereby following arguments are allowed:

  • id = the item id
  • count = integer number of entries to display
  • month = integer the month of participation
  • year = the full year of participation
  • show_user = integer (0/1) show the user name or not (=0)

You can omit every argument except the id. Default values will be:

count = 10
show_user = 1
month and year = 0 (show all)

To display the list the template named top_ten.twig is used.

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