Free Plugin: get-image

get-image – serve (tracking) images via php

get-image is intended to serve images from your wordpress installation to any other site via php as base64 encode image tag source. It includes rudimentary statistic to see, how often this image has been served.

What can you do with it?

Place it on other sites in your blog posts, place it as email footer logo in your emails or something else and see, how often this image is downloaded in total and in the current month. Since this small piece of code is open source feel free to enhance it’s functions and create pull requests on¬† or create issues in the issue tracker. Every comment is helpful and welcome.

How it works

Backend is short and easy. Here is the list view:


You can see the menu item ‘Request’ and the list view shows the already created items with title, image and the counts column. Every entry represents an image which can be served.

The edit view shows this:


You can enter a title to identify a little bit later an additionally short description. Then you can choose or upload an image and after that you will see in the text box the img tag which you have to place where the image should appear.

Thats all.

get-image creates a rewrite rule which manages the redirecting and responding the image as base64 encoded data.


Don’t know. Use it and have fun, you can download or clone here:


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