Strato and it’s Security

Some of my clients do such incredible things as using Strato as their webhoster. I can’t understand that because there are so much webhosters with resonable offers out there in the world.

Today I stumbled over an interesting behavoir: After some changes in a user account my browser prompted me to download the profile.php. Okay – I saved this file and looked into. It shows me taht the server responsed with 503 Service unavailable message. I was completely at sea so I digged into the net and found out that Strato has a very special security option. Strato counts multiple requests to php scripts and after x-times within x seconds ( I can’t figure out the exact values) Strato blocks this requests. Wow – this is cool. After opting out this feature everything worked fine.

The official explanation points out that spam robots calls script files periodically and this feature will enhance your security.

How good that usual administrators don’t call php scripts more than once.

You will find this option here:

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